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Pam O'Halloran

Hello! Meet Pam O'Halloran - Advocate for the lonely and forgotten elderly, as well as a promoter of volunteerism worldwide. Pam is the creator of The Forgotten Ones:Compassion for the Elderly, and The Forgotten Ones:International Card Exchange for the Elderly, both on Facebook.

Pam O'Halloran works to raise awareness of the needs of our lonely and forgotten elderly worldwide. She is passionate in her work which encourages people to volunteer their time visiting our treasured elderly who have no one to love them. In addition to her Facebook page, The Forgotten Ones:Compassion for the Elderly, (which is over 25,000 followers worldwide at this posting) she has created a sister page called, The Forgotten Ones: International Card Exchange for the Elderly with over 4,000 followers.. This page lists addresses of long term care facilities and organizations worldwide where cards, letters, photos, small gifts etc. may be sent to lonely residents who have no visitors. This list has been used in schools to involve children -  teaching them compassion and empathy - as well as in churches and various other community organizations. Pam O'Halloran has had years of volunteer experience in long term care facilities, adult day care centers, Meals on Wheels, elder telephone reassurance programs, visiting programs for the homebound and more. She is currently in the planning stages of an elder phone calling program. The lonely homebound elderly, as well as long term care residents, will be introduced via telephone conversations. This will enable them to formulate friendships with other lonely elders and feel less isolated. Also in the planning stages, is a program which brings the homebound elderly together to socialize in the homes of volunteer hosts. Please visit and 'like' Pam O'Halloran's pages on Facebook to learn more and participate in your community. If you are interested in working with Pam to carry on her efforts both nationally and globally, please feel free to contact her directly.
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